Rings by the Springs 2017


Every year in April Heritage Sandy Springs holds 2-8 small ceremoniesin one day that they call Rings By the Springs. These weddings cover an entire wedding day in a 1 hour time period. For the past two years I have shot these weddings with Heritage Sandy Springs and I love it.

The bride shows up with her make up done, she gets in her gown, the groom is already dressed and we shoot 5-10 mins of preparation photos of both the bride and the groom. They are both in separate locations of course. Then the ceremony begins, That last about 5-10 mins and then bride and groom are off to cut the cake and greet their guest. From there we do the family photos and a small intimate photo session with the bride and groom. Once that is complete the wedding day is over and the family is off to enjoy their day. This wedding venue is amazing, the guest list is small only 25 people in attendance per wedding and the day happens without a single hiccup.

These weddings are perfect for all who want a quick ceremony and don't want to do it at a courthouse.

This year I shot the wedding of Sharon & Lanny. These two love birds are already married and have been for 25 years. They decided to do their vow renewal at Rings By The Springs and invite family and friends that have been their since the beginning. They were even married by the exact same officiant that married them 25 year ago. Congrats on such long marriage and I will you both many more years Sharon and Lanny.  Here are some of the photos from this couples second big day. I hope you all enjoy.