Court House Weddings Can Be beautiful!!!


I met Daniel and Crystal a while back for their engagement session at Ra Sushi the place they met. I loved working with them the entire time. So the whole time we are shooting I am laughing like crazy because he is doing everything to keep his woman smiling. I enjoyed this session however we shot again so that we could make sure I got just what the bride and groom wanted for their engagement session. Those photos came out amazing!!!

Now here we are in Lawrenceville GA at the courthouse taking the photos of this amazing couple for their wedding day. On my website I have Courthouse packages listed because not every bride wants the big day with flowers and all the bells and whistles. Some brides like this one would love to see the world. This beautiful couple will be taking a honey moon in an amazing location and I am rooting for Dubai and hoping they bring me along with them as their personal photographer. lol:) ( you can't blame a girl for trying)

Below are images of Daniel and Crystal enjoying their wedding day and opening a new chapter in their love story. I hope you guys enjoy the images.

The ring: Tiffany & Co ( We call it the Corolla, When you see it you will know why lol)