LaJoy Photography: The Wedding Workshop

WHEN: October 3rd

WHERE: Atlanta, GA

INVESTMENT: $500.00 (Lunch Provided)

A 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is due when signing up.

The remaining Balance is due September 15, 2018. 

REGISTRATION: So that I can make sure you get individual attention as well as keep the class size large enough for some amazing activities we have planned we will allow 8 slots for the workshop. Please make sure that you are holding your spot early so that you do not miss out on this opportunity. We will not be able to hold any spots for attendees. 


-Wedding Photography Getting ready photos of bride and groom

-Bridal Make-Up

-Bridal Details

-Groom Details

-Ceremony Shots and how to capture the moment and not be apart of the moment

-Family Portraits and how to maximize your time

-Bridal Party shots

-How to make your bride and groom at ease

-Bride and Groom Portrait shoot

-Fun Reception Shots

-Ring Shots

-Growing your company

-Styled Shoots

-Shooting for your portfolio

This workshop is designed to teach you everything you need to know about the wedding day from beginning to end. The bride getting dressed and how to capture the special moments with the bridesmaids. The groom and the groomsmen and how to love those photos just as much as you love the brides photos because grooms matter too. Bridal portraits, because every girl wants amazing photos of themselves in their gown. The wedding party, The Ceremony, Reception, Details and most important the portrait session with the Bride and the Groom.

You should know the basic about your camera and come ready to shoot. Read up on Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO so that you can get through this workshop with ease. I will help with this along the way but the more you know the better.

You will also learn how to start your business and grow from the bottom up just as I did. If you haven't already read my blog, do that. How I made my six figure dream a reality


WHO SHOULD ATTEND: This workshop is for everyone. If you have been shooting weddings and just dont feel comfortable just yet or you would like to learn how to start down the wedding photography journey this workshop will be perfect for you. 



-Branding your business

-Shooting for magazine submissions

-What magazines are looking for

-Vendor Relationships and working with planners

-Shooting TV show weddings

-Showcasing your work to your clients








 Mary Chatman   Black Bride Magazine CEO   Photo: Ynot Images

Mary Chatman

Black Bride Magazine CEO

Photo: Ynot Images

  Caris Hannah Fairfax    Associate Publisher  Modern Luxury Weddings Atlanta   Photo Credit: Rag Artistry

Caris Hannah Fairfax

Associate Publisher

Modern Luxury Weddings Atlanta

Photo Credit: Rag Artistry

  Tori Williams    Celebrity Wedding Planner   Tori Williams Events

Tori Williams

Celebrity Wedding Planner

Tori Williams Events

 Britney Jeanine  Brand Designer   Britney Jeanine & Co

Britney Jeanine

Brand Designer

Britney Jeanine & Co

  Crystal Butler    Reality TV Producer

Crystal Butler

Reality TV Producer

“The big secret is there is no big secret, whatever your goal you can get there if your’e willing to work.”
- Oprah

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Let us know the specific skills you would like to work on during the workshop. We need to know the things you are good at and the areas where you need help so we can show you just what you need to do to become better.


LaJoy has truly re-ignited my passion for photography along with my confidence. Registering for her wedding boot camp was the best decision I made in 2018 for my business. If you are curious, passionate or need motivation sign up immediately for LaJoy’s photography boot camp sessions!

— Loraine Foushee
I’ve been following LaJoy Photography on Instagram for a few months was in awe of her work. Once I heard her mention the photography
Bootcamp it was a no-brainer that I was going to secure a spot wherever she was going on the west coast. It just so happened that I
was able to connect with her in my hometown of Los Angeles. I recently decided to take my photography business serious and wanted to
break into weddings, however, I had no idea what to do or where to begin. After the Bootcamp, I feel much more at ease with the idea of shooting a wedding on my own. LaJoy was extremely helpful from the minute I arrived. As soon as we got the introductions out of the way she put me to work, and I do mean the minute I arrived. She allowed me to make mistakes without making me feel like I didn’t know what I was doing, but rather used it as a teachable moment. I would recommend the boot camp to any new photographer looking to grow his or her business.
— Aneesah Robinson
LaJoy was so fun to work with. Somehow she doesn’t ever stress during the wedding day and has an easy process to capture every moment. I learned so much about Wedding Photography from Lajoy.

The main thing for me was to enjoy the once in a lifetime day of your clients. I think it goes a long way when you’re smiling and bringing more positive energy to the day cause weddings can be stressful for the couple. Can’t wait to work with her again.
— David Jamal Alexander
Before I started working with LaJoy I didn’t know anything about being a professional photographer. I was completely unaware of what settings to use and how to use a professional grade camera properly. She told me what I needed to know, gave me a day or two to study then immediately put me in the field. Putting me in extreme lighting conditions, setting speed test with different cameras, and situations where I didn’t have any control on my subject. Now I completely understand how to use any camera and what settings to use in any situation. And five weddings later everything is second nature, I no longer have to ask about what ISO or aperture to use or take pictures hoping for the best. Working with Lajoy was more than learning how to shoot a wedding, it was learning to be able to completely understand what you’re doing and how to perfect the technical aspects. I think any style photographer can benefit from the boot camp, I really learned a lot and it changed my work drastically.
— Teko Lewis