New name, new look, Same Vision!


So where do I start?...

2017 has gotten off to an interesting start. Let me catch you all up on what's going on with L. Hunter Photography and the new company LaJoy Photography. 

We all go out and search for the fairytale. The man or woman of our dreams and most of the time we find them and that's it there is no one else in the world for us. Well in my case I found an amazing friend but my friend and I realized our love for each other was just that, a friendship. We couldn't be better friends and co-parents for my children. 

This year I am starting a new chapter in my life and my company needed a make over as much as I did. So I dyed my hair, got glasses, changed the name of my company and started traveling for business. So now LaJoy Photography which is formerly L. Hunter Photography is going to be in Texas, Florida, North and South Carolina and California. 

The team of photographers has grown, the name has changed but the vision is the same. So visit the new site, look around and give me a call so we can book your wedding or portrait session today.