Atlanta City Life Engagement Session


I recently shot an engagement session for this amazing couple and I had such a great time. During this engagement session I was able to take this couple to the next level and allow them time to enjoy their session and create amazing memories while shooting. 

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Nicole and Kamal are the type of bride and groom my company that I look for and have me looking forward to the wedding day. I can honestly say I enjoyed this session so much that I couldn't wait to get these two on my website and featured on Black Bride. Check this link to view the story of Nicole and Kamal.

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Atlanta Engagement Session.jpg

Here is a little teaser as to why this man got this woman woman to say yes!!!

Kamal: I honestly knew I wanted to marry Nicole from the first day I met her, therefore, I began to ask her many questions about her passions, beloved hobbies and anything that inspired her.

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