Curly Girls


I was 13 years old and I was what they called tender headed. My mother got tired of me crying whenever someone would come near me with a comb and a brush so she took me to the hair salon and let me get my first relaxer. During that time it was all about how straight you could get your hair. So we all put relaxers in our hair to mimic a European style and to be accepted in society as well as make our hair more manageable. I can’t tell you how many times I got chemical burns because I wanted to withstand the pain so my hair could be straighter than it was the previous time. I know It sound really stupid now but back then it was everything to have the straightest hair.

Now things are much different and now natural hair is the way to go. Women everywhere are ditching their relaxers and trading them for coconut oil and deep conditioners. As a photographer I get the opportunity to work with some amazing people and now the natural hair community is on my list! It took me a while but a few years ago I decided to embrace my hair in its natural state and stop putting the creamy crack in my hair. Now my goal is healthy hair and I acheived It. 


Erin says... “The bigger the hair, the better” she is a natural hair Vlogger, Blogger, entrepreneur and all around beautiful woman! Check out her blog at .... To learn more about her life and hair routine. 


Mrs. Tahirah is one of those ladies that can rock a shortcut and make you want to chop all your hair off. This Wife Mother and Hustler is someone we should all be looking out for. Not only is she building an amazing brand but she is raising children and looking good while doing it. Her other baby is thriving and doing better than ever. Check her out.  


Model Dolly K knows exactly how to handle her natural hair in California for those hot days and cool nights. I was so happy to capture this woman during one of my trips to California. Check out her page and see all the great ways she wears her fro! 


Danika is new to the modeling scene but has been rocking her curls for a while. She loves using all different types of products to get those amazing curls defined while she works in the medical field. 



Me?... I am just LaJoy Cox a photographer with curly hair, a businesswoman based in Atlanta GA. I run a successful wedding photography company LaJoy Photography and I love to travel and love to take photos of beautiful people. 


Personally, I think that the beautiful curls that grow from my head is something to celebrate and be proud of. So when I’m detangling my hair, I always think about my daughter and how I never want her to feel a chemical burn because her hair is beautiful just the way it is.

If you’re natural and want to showcase those coils and curls because you’re a blogger or ambassador or you just love your curls and want to capture them message me! 

Love your curls and yourself. ❤️