Shooting with Male Models


Most people don't read anymore so I keep my blogs short and sweet until I start doing videos instead. 

Model: Teko Lewis

Shirts: H&M

Pants: H&M

So... Capturing the male model.

When capturing any model. 

1. Get shots with them facing the camera first in each setting and with each look. 


2. Put an object in the foreground and background that is visually interesting. This will give depth to the image and allow the subject to feel more comfortable moving their body around.


3. Get some nice Profile shots and 3/4 shots. Your model will need variety when posting online or using shots for their website. 


4 Allow your model to sit for some poses. Having a portfolio full of standing photos could be weird and look like they do not have range when being booked for certain jobs. 

5. Silhouettes are always nice in a few photos. Not needed but if you have the opportunity then take it. 


6. Mix it up and add some dark and some light photos. If they have a portfolio full of light and bright images they could miss out on jobs that require them to be in a moody or dark setting. 


7. No matter how casual the shoot always choose 2 different looks. So for this session, we did red and tan pant and jeans and a pink shirt. This give them more than one look for the photo shoot. We also had a marroon button up for one sitting shot. 

8. Place the subject against backgrounds that compliment not clash with what they are wearing. This pink, worked well with the grean and the jeans the model is wearing. 


Have your model try to step out of their comfort zone and remember to show them the photos during the shoot so they can make changes to their poses and facial expressions so that they are happy with the photos as well. I would hate for you to shoot an entire session and just because you love the photos your model hates the entire shoot. Give them the opportunity to look at the photos and decide what they don't like about the images and make changes right then so you have a successful shoot. 


Happy Shooting!