IKEA Engagement Session


I love when my clients have new ideas of where they would like to shoot. This couple that I had the chance to work with decided they wanted to use their favorite place in the world to shop for their engagement session inspiration. 

IKEA is a playground for adults. I don't think that I ever got excited about going to the store until IKEA came into my life and when I moved to Atlanta GA and found out there was one in my city I knew I would be spending most of my time there and my entire home would look like the showroom minus the tags. 

Johnnie and Joely love this store just as much as I do and decided this was the place to document their engagement. So I was very happy to make sure I went to the store with them and took some amazing photos. 

_LAP7107 copy.jpg

So when you see somewhere nice to sit that makes the image have a little color you stop and take a few shots. 

_LAP7165 copy.jpg

Pretend to wash a few dishes. 

_LAP7303 copy.jpg

This area was one of my favorites because on a rainy day in February I was able to give these clients a little green. I think this adds some nice color and still give the photo that IKEA feel. 

_LAP7175 copy.jpg

Perfect spot for a little kiss. 

_LAP7354 copy.jpg

The final stage of shopping at IKEA is taking your sheet with all the numbers written on it and picking up your boxes and getting ready to go home. Who knew that boxes could look so good. This wide shot of the couple in the aisle is just great. It really captures IKEA at its best. 


Thanks for checking out the images.