Finding your niche


When I set out to become a photographer I thought about the different types of photography I would like to dive into. Nature, children, weddings, forensic and of course the fashion celebrity photographer. 

I immediately enrolled in college and began taking all the classes I thought would help me find my niche. I first thought very realistic about what photography could be used for and when I thought about helping people I thought Forensic Photography. I very quickly realized I couldnt decided what jobs I would take because I would be called out of bed any given night to photograph a very gruesome crime scene and didn’t want that on my mind. I’m far too sensitive for such a job. One photo of a horrible murder and I would be in counseling for life. 

I then thought about shooting pictures of families.  



This was better however it was still a lot of people to pose. I liked being able to do this sometimes for cool shoots with clients but every time I did a shoot was just too much. Plus I like variety. So I began to see I could Shoot different things when I wanted and always have variety and never become bored with my job. 


So head shots...



And weddings because who doesn’t love a good love story.  This is also my favorite thing to shoot and has become the thing I soecialize in. I shoot 20-25 weddings per year which is great at the right price point. 



Engagement sessions... these go hand and hand with weddings of course because this is where the story starts. 



Newborn babies because I cant resist baby toes... 



And first comes love then comes marriage then comes the baby in the baby carriage... right? (That’s corny I know)  


and now added to my list is celebrity photos! I could just scream because the girl who gave us “Torn” and now “Back 2 life” would be sitting on my website one day. She actually looked into my camera and knowingly allowed me to photograph her. Letoya Luckett is now added to my list of amazing people I get to take photos of. No matter how much I wanted to tell her I was a huge fan I was calm and cool and I shook her hand and very professionally took her photo. It was an unreal experience and I am so thankful Black Bride Magazine gave me the opportunity to do it. 



During my career I have worked on four tv shows. Little Women Atlanta, Married at First Sight, Cake Hunters, and Real Housewives of Atlanta. I was able to capture some amazing things and grow my company in ways I never thought I would. I had fun, learned a lot and made some great connections. This helped me to find what I love most in life and what I enjoy taking photos of. 

So because of my long resume I consider myself a Wedding Photographer that takes headshots, branding photos, works on TV shows, shoots celebrities occasionally and I can take some great photos of babies as well. I’m a regular girl with a camera and a really big dream. 


Want to know more about Celebrity Photography/ TV show photography? Check out the Love Story Workshop- Coming Soon.